Thursday, February 21, 2013

Kitchen Favorites

I love so many things about our new kitchen!  Don't get me wrong, I still don't cook every night of the week.  It wouldn't be a normal week in my house with  pizza or make your own sandwiches as a dinner meal.   
One of my all time favorites is my Kitchen-Aid stand mixer.  My parents gave it to us as a Christmas gift and I absolutely love it.  You just throw everything in and it stirs it while you go!  It's as close to a robot making dinner as I can get!  My favorite thing to make in our mixer is home made icing. When I made it with the hand mixer, I would never beat it long enough.  Now, I can wash the dishes as it creams it for me!  And there is nothing like homemade icing!!

Of course, my Keurig is great too!  I'm the only coffee drinker so my husband got this for me for Christmas a few years ago. (Hey, I'm seeing a trend with Christmas gifts and kitchen related! Do you think there is some underlying message?)

My favorite kitchen counter cleaner is Method. It has to be the lavendar one!  I love the smell and love that it is non-toxic for my three girls!  I have to admit I find myself carrying it around with me and cleaning everything in my house with it!

One of my all time favorite things are these washcloths.  I really need to learn how to make them! My mom makes them and she always makes sure she gives me a bunch! You can tell which ones I haven't used yet because she ties bows around them! They are the best gift!  I put out a new one each night before bed and it's all ready for the counters the next morning! I've also used them to wash a baby's hand and mouth after they ate! 

We eat a lot of fruit!  I love this colander because it collapses and fits perfectly in a drawer.  It could also be hung up under the sink.  EDIT: I was wrong!  This is Food Network from Kohls.  My mom bought it for me!  I have to admit!  I love Food Network products!! 

Do you have any favorite kitchen products? Do they help you in the kitchen or are they just fun to look at?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Kitchen Reveal

I've received emails wanting to see our kitchen.  Living in Northeastern PA means that this time of year there is very little natural light.  It is not easy to take pictures to do our transformation any sort of justice!

I know white kitchens seem to be in style. As much as I love the look, we chose hickory cabinets to try to keep with the style of our old house. They have pegs in the corners which I swooned over.

You can read about our kitchen remodel and progress that we did all by ourselves here and here.

We chose stainless appliances for a modern feel.

In order to use the space behind the door, we created a counter for my Keurig and toaster.

Although we originally thought about a pantry, I love that it frees up our counter space.

In our old kitchen, I only had one small counter area.  We actually used our stovetop often to cut vegetables! I don't miss that at all.

I couldn't get a good picture (due to the lack of lighting), but we have 7 stools total. Three are behind the counter above and four on the other counter.  I love that we can all eat in the kitchen even with guests. I also love that the girls have can kneel on the stools to help bake! 

We have plenty of room for cooking, eating, homework, and family time! 

And that's a wrap!  Coming soon: I'll show you some of my favorite features!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Favorites

Here is a few of my favorite things that I'm obsessing about this week...

Nutra Nail Power Growth polish!  My best friend told me about this after I was complaining about my nails splitting.  I've been using it about 2 weeks and can not believe the difference in my nails!  (Wish I could put it on my hair to make that grow, but that's another story!)

Next up is the McDonalds Berry Smoothie!  When I need a quick breakfast on days my husband goes to work early, this is perfect for me!  Yum-o!  210 calories in a medium doesn't seem too bad either!

Finally, this cold Pennsylvania winter means that my third obsession of the week is Body Shop's Body Butter in Macadimia.  Love it!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!